Biliton for

BILITON Company aims to exercise the various mining activities relating to all phases of the mining industry including the development and improvement of the mineral industry and its products and their derivatives and all related industries. To accomplish its goals successfully working Biltom utmost attention to human resources, health, safety and environmental issues, where the company is committed to.


We are one of the companies that operate in the diversity of natural resources. Our goal is to provide a customer orders from the discovery and development, purchase and marketing of natural resources.

We are among
one of Acharcatalmusdrh major commodities, including phosphate, silica sand and other raw materials used in various industries, energy,

as a company strive to open new markets all over the world through the external offices and partners all over the world, and our success by the company's customers and employees

We have a
distinct growth opportunities that will ensure we continue to meet the changing needs of our customers and demand for resources from emerging economies in every stage of their growth.


1 - Benefit from the non-petroleum  mineral resources in Egypt to perform a global role in the company's mining and minerals industry beneficiaries of mining experience and administrative skills, along with support from the government and partners

2 - Exploit the growing global demand for mineral resources, the advantages of competitive cost base in Egypt for the benefit of our employees and shareholders, the state and the global economy.

3 - Make the mining sector, the first pillar of the Egyptian industry through our projects and future expansions.  Developing and diversifying the economy of Egypt through the implementation of projects Company BILITON 

4 - Attention to social responsibility by developing and implementing appropriate policies to deal with environmental and health issues and matters of public safety to international standard